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Your Tax Savings & Profit Secrets with Nina VIP Private Clients & Workshop and Webinar Customers 
Testimonials and Success Stories


Nina UK Property Ltd - In our third year we are honoured and delighted to work with the Worldcob Executive Committee, our fellow International Elite Members and Trophy Winners of World Confederation of Businesses, please check out this 2014 video footage of Ms Nina Kabra at Kahala Resort, Hawaii: 



Social proof of Nina’s clients success stories and testimonials implies how she has encouraged them to implement

her tax saving & profit boosting proven techniques to benefit from positive transformations which far outweighs their

investment in themselves as a result of saying yes to themselves by engaging in Nina Consultancy, Product and Events.


Through her brand “Nina” helps her Clients achieve great results the saving of up to £10k in tax and

expanding their business visions to generate more revenues.


Please go to


“Nina is an amazing and incredible young lady. She has impressed me from appearance, to product, to skill, to action taking to marketing -5*. I came to this seminar to give Nina some support. I have been dealing in property for some time, by now I know what she teaches, but having said that I have picked up a lot of tips and I often do not give testimonials like this so if you see me giving a testimonial is quite rare and I have to be satisfied before I do it. I have come here, been treated like a King with lunch and coffees. I am taking away this lovely folder that is full of content that is going to teach my accountant and tax experts a couple of things. All in all it was very unusual it was very cosy, very friendly, there was no pressure selling which I found unusual. I have had good value, great content, met some very nice people, so if you are thinking of doing it and even if you own one property, there were people who had one property and they found it useful. There was one person who did not have any properties but he wanted to know what it’s all about and just learn.


Mark Nathwani, TIME and Shift Events


Nina delivered her Speaking Engagement for Shift Group London in March 2012



Nina Consultancy, Products and Events and 1230 The Women’s Company:

Nina is delighted and honoured to work with her Co-Speaker Jackie Groundsell of 1230 The Women's Company. Launched in August 2002, 1230 The Women’s Company is the leading business women’s network providing on and off-line trading and business growth across the UK at local level. As a membership organisation 1230 TWC provides opportunities for business and career women to meet locally in the Business High Street, share experiences and work together to grow their businesses. Nina was grateful to deliver your Tax Savings and Profit Secrets Taster Seminar on 17th January 2013 and 24 January 2014 at VENUE: Mayfair Exchange; 34 Brook Street, Holborn, London W1C 5DN. Nina is delighted Jackie joined her as a Guest Speaker at your Tax Savings & Profit Secrets Workshop with a brilliant "Effective Networking for Effective Business" presentation at The Square Pig | Holborn on 27th March 2013.


1230 The Women’s Company - The Business School


Nina Consultancy, Products and Wealth Dragons


Company Director Nina UK Property Ltd wishes our customers and private clients a Happy Chinese New Year!

Company Director Nina Kabra of Nina UK Property Ltd greatly thanks Wealth Dragons, Mr John Lee and Mr Vince Wong for their FULL HOUSE Ultimate Speakers Training in which she was grateful to deliver a Taster of your Tax Savings & Profit Secrets Seminar to her fellow particpants.

Nina UK Property Ltd & Wealth Dragons Speaker Bootcamp video with Miss Nina Kabra's graduation:



Nina’s Music  & Entertainments Project




In 2012 year Nina delighted to be creative, versatile in her work and glad to demonstrate her passion through her work in a different medium. She is grateful, fortunate to be chosen and delighted to be working on a fantastic work music & dance contracted long-term project Raja Kaasheef Companies who is a Singer/Composer/Music Arranger working in the Bollywood music industry. Nina has a passion for cinema and music  grateful to Raja and Suzana Ansar and the team of Directors and Musicians for her Music project work as she is gaining a further depth and insight into her Speaking/Presenting/Acting/Singing craft that she enjoys, with some excellent work under the "media spotlight”.

Raja’s feedback:


"Nina Kabra, is talented and media personalities should help and promote new artist that want to make a mark in the music/entertainment industry"

• Nina’s music career has given her more live footage on Venus TV, Sky 805 thanking Chair, Tahir Ali from being a Guest Speaker live at the 11th Asian Achievers Gold Awards at Wembley Stadium to live Show Business Talk Shows and music events . From Valentines Day to giving tribute to the late legends within the Global Bollywood industry on VENUS TV, Nina has reached millions & millions of worldwide viewers.

• Nina looks forward to the 2012 future release of Nina's Hindi/English Music

Nina has personally been approached by other Music legends.


Great examples of Nina’s Private Clients testimonials and success stories:


Your Tax Savings & Profit Secrets Silver & Gold Clients with Nina





Nina’s training with live participation allowed Delivery Express to gain a 20-fold return on investment. Their hard work and dedication saved them £10,000 in business tax. They have focused on setting up brand new brand divisions and taking their business beyond six figures in revenues!


Delivery Express



“I have been running a company for a few years, I am a telecoms consultant, Part of the history is that I have also had properties throughout the UK and what I wanted to do was to make sure, I understood what I needed do from the point of view of tax and those elements. I needed an update of where I was and where I needed to be hence I chose Nina and went to couple of her courses. The first one was about immediate tax issues to be brought up-to-date with exactly what is going on now and the second one was about long term processes and to ensure that I was getting best value for moneymaking sure my tax weren’t too high . I recommend to going to her courses they certainly helped me save some money and I look forward to working with Nina in the future as my business continues to grow.”

Tim Huckle, Utility Warehouse

“Nina’s expertise has been invaluable to us! She showed us exactly what we could do to minimise our liabilities in a very short space of time, and even managed to get us to organise all of our paperwork so that everything is filed correctly and in the correct order for completing our tax returns. Her service is brilliant as what was a really stressful situation only a few short weeks ago, is now completely ordered and up to date, so we can concentrate on the things that matter – our family life. Many thanks Nina, your friendly and concise service is second to none!"

This amazing transformation has meant that Nina’s clients can now afford to work less, spend more one-on-one time with each of their children, have improved their health and wellbeing, set up a brand new start up business and can grow their property portfolio!

David and Lorraine Kaloczi,  David Properties“Really worthwhile, helps you overcome the fear, once you know something you do not fear it, that’s the big thing for me, so I recommend for anyone, especially as the education and tips learnt will go a long way towards saving good money in the long run, the travelling was worth it."Manish Pandya from NUKP T&E Workshops

To watch the video testimonial please see:


“I found the workshop very useful, lot of info covered, liked the way Nina presented it all, made me realise how simple it is to do your own property tax returns, definitely good for people who own property and save money on their tax accounts, reassuring you can do it yourself, course will give you the confidence to do that!"


Balwinder Garcha, from NUKP T&E Workshop 4/1/11


To watch the video testimonial please also see:


“I would recommend each and every one of the people that I bring on board to start up their own business in Gold to promote Gold as their future business and to learn from Nina how they could do their book-keeping, sort out their taxation, inheritance tax and other subject areas. It has been absolutely amazing from a one day that we have actually covered. Even from the past experience of being in business, I have learnt a lot today and taken away some golden nuggets”.


Please see video:


Nina UK Property Link:



Gold is money. This has been a fact since well before the introduction of paper banknotes. The public is generally unaware how currency came into being. What is certain is that without gold, there would never have been any form of currency anywhere in the world. Gold is financial security for you and your family!



Thanks to Raj Ahluwalia of Team Carpedium

Your Tax Savings & Profit Secrets Bronze Workshop Clients with Nina in 2011-2012


“I am a business person by profession and learnt a lot of stuff. The workshop has been very informative and productive, and learnt a lot of things regarding tax, how we deal with it and how we don’t get into trouble with the tax man”.


Sheri Adegbesan

Chair, Life Changers Awards


“I was quite relieved when I first met Nina because I never really knew what to do with my accounts, I wasn’t really cropping my accounts properly, so I always knew whether I was in credit or debt on my statement, but I didn’t know how it was working. So I am so relieved that I have spent a wonderful day learning how to do cash flow, VAT, inheritance tax, property tax. The first time in my life quite excited of going home and doing my accounts”

 '....I enjoyed the day and found it very informative....To me your actual knowledge is priceless .....I think your logo of you against your name is great and speaks volumes; A very attractive, personable accountant - brilliant!"

"I am a business person by profession and learnt a lot of stuff. The workshop has been very informative and productive, and learnt a lot of things regarding tax, how we deal with it and how we don’t get into trouble with the tax man.

Penelope Barton


“Thanks Nina for your tax and money saving tips and advice. Very useful and critical for property investors wanting to protect and maximise their cashflow - which would be all of us! Thank you for speaking last night.”



Cassie Hicks; Hemel Hempstead Property Investors Host where Nina delivered her Speaking Engagement in April 2012

“Splitting up of expenses into boxes  on spreadsheet is useful”

Polly Arrowsmith, ACCA and Director, Qube Managed Services Limited from NUKP T&E Workshop 4/1/11

"Excellent webinar Nina! You came across clearly, passionately and extremely knowledgeable you will be a great asset to peoples businesses!"
Simon Evans from Nina UK Property webinar 13/12/12


"Brilliant presentation, very knowledgeable, knew what she's talking about"Nina this webinar was very informative and so easy to understand. Tax is never an easy subject to make interesting but everyone is always interested in reducing their tax bill."

Gurmail Dokal from Nina UK Property Webinar 28-9-10

"Sensational Speaker, Excellent stuff, essential for everyones' property business. Tax needn't be scary with an expert like Nina on board to guide you through the tax mine-fields."

Gary Shaw, Harlow Property 

"Well done Nina, Lively, value-packed, brilliant seminar, relevant and useful to all property investors who seriously want to pay less tax legally. You have given us all lots of useful tips I know my audience found helpful. Very professional and polished presentation, You can tell Nina is always looking for ways to add value and help people improve their finances."

“I would really encourage you to come to the next event, check Nina Kabra’s website for all events .You get the opportunity to network with other people learn good things about tax savings even if you are into property or network marketing or into business you can learn unique things about saving on your tax bill and also the profits that we can share .Today I spoke about making an income through social media. she is going to have different guest speakers including Mark Nathwani and whole range of different speakers lined up for the next few months. Get yourself on to the website, get yourself down to her events and just enjoy it; she’s fantastic."


Feza Sengul
“It has been great session today and met really nice people. The workshop has helped me to think more about branding."


“One of the thing Nina did was useful was talking about record keeping which a lot of people fail to do, and I thought she set out exactly what you needed to do in terms of keeping records and the way she presented it was something I tend to copy. I just wanted to see how someone else did it and presented it, it was excellent."




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