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Nina UK Property Ltd Free Videos available to the general public:


FREE VIDEOS worth £50 onwards.....
Please enjoy Ms Nina Kabra's FREE videos as she presents the benefits of Nina UK Property products and service:

As Ms Nina Kabra Mentors/Consults/Trains her geuine paying Clients on your Tax Savings and Profit Secrets membership website to maximise their cash flow by reducing their tax bill, here is a video for you to watch:

FREE Tax Rent, Rates etc tips:

FREE Loan interest & other financial costs gems:

As Nina Mentor/Consult/Trains her Clients to market and be visible in their own businesses from Module 6 of your Nina UK Property Bronze Curriculum here is a video for you to watch:



FREE Gift E-Guide with Nina worth £50.....


Please find attached your complimentary copy of "7 Costly Mistakes Property Investors, Landlords and Business Owners Make and How to Avoid" them worth £50


FREE Gift Webinar with Mr Matthew Moody & Wealth Success Alliance & Ms Nina Kabra worth £50.....


Please go to:


Nina UK Property Ltd and 1230 The Women’s Company - The Business School



Nina UK Property Ltd and Wealth Dragons Speaker Bootcamp video with Miss Nina Kabra's graduation:


Please contact Nina Consultancy, Products & Events Business team only if you are a genuine paying customer starting with our Tax Savings and Profit Secrets membership website starting at only £47/month


Customer Enquires: Tel: +44(0)7943067488



You may ask for Ms Nina Kabra or Mr Anjan Kabra  






Please note that the general public can see the free marketing material on this website on the left tab under "Freebies" and are required by Nina UK Property Ltd terms and conditions to pay a:


Non-refundable deposit up-front to receive an email or phone call or post and respose by phone or email  £97







Nina UK Property Ltd are grateful to work directly with ACAS and the Hertfordshire and Metropolitan Police.



Further to our Nina UK Property Ltd work projects with diverse media companies, please enjoy and circulate the you tube video footage ink Trailers:
Ms Nina Kabra's Bollywood song "Yaad I'll Be Your Dream" trailer videos:
Short Movie "Forget the Pact" Trailer featuring Ms Nina Kabra :
Nina UK Property Ltd Productions INTL and Venus TV Sky 805:
Nina UK Property Ltd Productions INTL and Benalex Media:
Ms Nina Kabra Award Winnings:

1) to place an order for your Nina UK Property Ltd products 

2) if you are a genuine paying customer of our Tax Savings and Profit Secrets membership website with your queries or spreadsheet for a non-obligatory quote where Nina flexibly and reliably works in your interest to your best advantage clarifying and providing personalised solutions adapted to your specific situation so you can SAVE yourself money 


For the general public please use our direct deposit: BACS to make your up-front payment:




Nina UK Property Ltd Natwest Business Bank Account: 


Account Name: Nina UK Property Ltd Sort code: 601811 Account Number: 21653712