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Award Achievements
Saturday the 12th of November 2011 at Hilton Hotel Docklands as Life Changers Foundation honours their unsung heroes and celebrates!
Nina thanks Life Changers Awards 2011 immensely for their extra-ordinary event at Hilton Hotel Docklands on 12th November 2011 thrilled to Win Rising Star Award 2011 for her individual outstanding contribution to her chosen profession in local and national markets and exceptional promise of Leadership.
Nina thanks Sheri Adegbesan, delighted to be asked to give a heartfelt award winning acceptance speech thanking God first (Jai Jai Bhag wanji) and hear those of her fellow awardees, so happy as since her award winnings in 2010 she launched Nina Kabra personalised Business Events, information Bronze webinar product, an incredible bonus to her Clients who say yes to themselves for engaging in her Nina Kabra positive transformational products and services to change their life for the better!


When receiving the Rising Star award, in my award acceptance speech I was honoured to thank Life Changers Awards; my brother/Team member Anjan, Parents. I briefly describe the transformation people receive through the meaningful impact I make on their lives through my work.
I explained working smart to overcome the hurdles & adversities which myself and so many others have suffered from financially, emotionally, mentally & physically in the industry at large. I like Mahatma Gandhi's vibe as my Parents are originally from India & had their traditionally arranged marriage in India.
I am extremely honoured, privaleged, delighted and humbled as I will receive the 'Glory of India' Award and Certification from the India International Friendship Society (IIFS). Thank you IIFS
With the 'Glory of India' award it's fantastic and important to honour our commercial work. This award which encourages foreign investment into India. I'm delighted to be positively recognised by international Industry Leaders and Judges for my contribution to business and industry.
3-12-10: Life Changers Awards at the Hilton London Docklands Riverside hotel by Life Changers
I am happy, honoured, humbled, privileged, delighted my name was selected by Life Changers Awards to receive the “Young Female Entrepreneur Award”, the most prestigious and deserving award (latter being the words of Life Changers). It is special as it’s a people choice nomination. I'm delighted to be recognised for my good work by the people as well as Industry Leaders and Judges
I was glad to give an award acceptance speech to hundreds of people. Thank you Life Changers.
It was red carpet glamour, I was called a celebrity and many people took pictures of me and my trophy too. I was glad to see fellow award winners and hear their speeches to