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Nina UK Property Ltd - Acquisition and Management Service
Nina UK Property Ltd Commercial Division works well with UK Solicitors and Estate Agents. We provide investment and professional services across core sectors of residential, retail, industrial as well as other emerging sectors across the UK and global markets.
We’re delighted to have our special Property Acquisition service for our property investors and landlords.
Nina UK Property Ltd are proud of the viewings taking place at a fantastic selection of incredible London commercial properties in the areas including St Johns Wood NW8, Mayfair W1, Belgravia, Victoria,/Westminster, Canary Wharf, May fair, Northwood, Golders Green, Beckenham, Hornchurch, Letchworth, Dollis Hill, Finsbury Park, Wood Green.
Please do email Ms Nina Kabra at with your name, contact number and email if you genuinely want to take advantage of the Property Acquisition offer. These are exclusive offers ideally for serious quick cash buyers with Proof of Funding & Letter of Intent only.
Please will our Property Clients continue to email Nina for a call back are we're delighted to help our established clients buy and sell properties in the city of London and Hertfordshire.  
Why the Nina UK Property industrial property team?

Nina UK Property Ltd Team are grateful to have worked with companies in Central London.
The industrial market knowledge, research and enthusiasm are applied throughout their regional network providing an all encompassing service to a wide variety of clients. Our work project teams will mould  our service to the needs of our clients, focusing on their particular individual requirements.

Our investment style is to generate a high and stable income return from the mainstream commercial property sectors. This is enhanced by capital value growth through active asset management and investment in alternative sectors such as hotels, student accommodation, agricultural land and residential property. Nina UK Property has an outstanding capability and an enviable track record of purchasing and managing property in the UK as shown below:

We would be delighted to be of service to our clients for purchasing property in the UK as discussed yesterday over the phone especially as you are my fellow awardees. Please will you complete the Business Review form attached and let me know of any other specific criteria for a range of residential to commercial properties are clients are looking to purchase.

Nina UK Property are in very good genuine business partnerships across UK too to offer you the best goldmine areas to invest in the UK as we learn more about exactly how you wish to build your property portfolio here in UK. Further to our phone and email conversations I’ve tailored my quote specifically to you to best lay out the options and suit the needs of our clients including serving the buyer with a range of residential to commercial properties.

Whilst this is a public website, the Nina UK Property Ltd Team is only available to our genuine Tenants who are signed up to our Property Management services and our Tax Savings and Profit Secrets membership website genuine paying customers.   


Customer Enquires: Tel: +44(0)7943067488



You may ask for Ms Nina Kabra or Mr Anjan Kabra  





Please note that the general public can see the free marketing material on this website on the left tab under "Freebies" and are required by Nina UK Property Ltd terms and conditions to pay a:


Non-refundable deposit up-front to receive an email or phone call or post and respose by phone or email  £97

Non-refundable deposit up-front to receive an email or phone call and response by phone or email £50

We look forward to hearing from you soon.
To your success!
Onward and Upward,
Ms Nina and Anjan Kabra
Nina UK Property Ltd Team

Property Management services

As a landlord, it's only when you have a problem with the property, or the tenant, that you realise how much time these things can take up.

You may not want to be on call 24 hours a day for the little emergencies such as 'we've locked ourselves out' or 'the oven light's not working'. You probably don't want to be leaping out of bed in the middle of the night trying to find the number of a reliable plumber when there's water pouring everywhere either.

Equally, you don't want to stalk your serial late-paying tenants before rent day, deal with inspecting and photographing the property on a regular basis, or worrying whether you've provided the right legal notices in removing any tenants from your property. That's why we're here! Our property management service will take all those problems away for you.

How our property management service will help you

In addition to advertising your property, accompanying ALL viewings, finding you a tenant and processing their references, and providing the necessary contracts, we also protect you as a landlord & your property.
Through Nina UK Property Management division, Nina Kabra has been managing a letting since 2008 using the My Deposits Government Approved Deposits Agency scheme. 
In 2004 Nina Kabra began building her portfolio of UK residential property investments through project managing each property.

Nina has devised her own 8 step system compromising:

· planning,

· market research,

· finance, purchase,

· renovation,

· interior design,

· administration and

· marketing and distribution 


For the general public please use our direct deposit: BACS to make your up-front payment:




Nina UK Property Ltd Natwest Business Bank Account: 


Account Name: Nina UK Property Ltd Sort code: 601811 Account Number: 21653712