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Nina UK Property Ltd are grateful to Press Releases from Worldcob


Nina Kabra Receives THE BIZZ 2012 and Peak of Success 2013 and 

Beyond Success 2014 and Be a Legend 2015 International Business


Award for Business Excellence



Nina, Founder and Owner of Nina UK Property Ltd & the “Nina” brand honours her country, United Kingdom. Nina is deeply humbled, honoured, happy, proud and privileged on behalf of herself & her company Nina UK Property Ltd to be a winner for the special BEYOND SUCCESS trophy at Bizz Latin America 2014 awarded by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) with the most important business awards. This award will be granted on August 2nd at the phenomenal award ceremony at beautiful gala at the Kahala Hotel & Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii.

It is necessary to mention that WORLDCOB is a leading organization located in Houston, Texas that besides promoting corporate social responsibility, it promotes growth and development to more than 3,000 companies from 100 countries recognizing at the same time the growth of prominent business men who work at these companies.

Nina joins her fellow Elite Members looking forward to the honour and pleasure of meeting and hearing the speeches of CEO of Worldcob Mr Jesus Moran, Vice President Mr Michael Bellido and Director Mr Nicolas Caffaro amongst the Board of Directors at the Expobizz Convention and spectacular gala dinner ceremony in Hawaii. Nina looks forward to giving an award acceptance speech and hearing the speeches of her fellow award winners from across the globe.

Nina and her Brother and Nina UK Property Ltd Manager Anjan Kabra are pleased that Worldcob have the honour to acknowledge and distinguish NINA UK PROPERTY LTD with the world’s most important business recognition.

The obtained recognition allows Nina UK Property Ltd to continue to grow at the enterprise level, as it increases its capacity in commercial relationships, generate more business and revitalize your corporate image.


Nina Kabra has made the UK proud again, having been selected by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) to receive the most important business award in the world: “THE BIZZ 2013.” This award was given out on July 27 at a gala ceremony at the Hotel Meliá Cabo Real in Los Cabos, Mexico.

WORLDCOB is a leading business organization based in Houston, Texas, dedicated to fostering the development and growth of over 3,000 companies from 80 countries. It recognizes and boosts the growth of the world’s most outstanding companies and businessmen, as well as promoting corporate social responsibility.

With this triumph, Nina UK Property Ltd has become a member of  WORLDCOB, alongside such major corporations as Abu Dhabi University (UAE); Doha Bank (Qatar); Prime Islami Life Insurance (Bangladesh); The Imperial Hotel (India); Near East University Hospital (Turkey); KPJ Healthcare Group (Malaysia); Oman Arab Bank (Oman); Saudi Telecom Company (Saudi Arabia); PROLAC (Thailand); Ankol (Poland); Competence Call Center (Austria); Massoud Group (Egypt); Credit Libanais (Lebanon); Techcombank (Vietnam); Beerlao (Laos); Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopia); S.A. Cambios (Mozambique); Beige Capital (Ghana); Yamani Institute of Technology (Algeria); Delphinus (Senegal); Prizma (Bosnia); Nexray (Singapore); and ISD Portolan (Hungary), among other top companies in over 80 countries.

WORLDCOB is supported by its Evaluation Committee, an autonomous body made up of a group of professionals specialized in different areas of the business world, which bases its decisions on aspects such as:

 -    Business Leadership

 -    Management Systems

 -    Quality of Goods and/or Services

 -    Business Creativity and Innovation

 -    Corporate Social Responsibility

 -    Achievements and Recognitions


This award will help Nina UK Property continue to grow as a company, increasing its commercial relations, generating more business, and adding a shine to its corporate image.